Capital Factory (accelerator in Austin, TX) rewarded LinkUp with a 3 month golden ticket to receive mentorship and guidance from experienced product builders and investors. However, due to lack of product-market fit and competition, we decided to not continue with this company.

Company Mission:

It is our mission as a company to develop a solution that provides not only the most convenient way to organize meet ups between any groups of people, but also gives users a platform where they get rewarded for loyalty with any vendor through deals and discounts.

Core Features:

  1. Connect Google, Apple, and Outlook calendars to the user profile so free times can be shared when making plans.
  2. Connect location to the app so that friends can check real-time app to see if you are nearby in order to grab food or chill out.
  3. Personal reward profile on the app that allows user to see how many “stars” (rewards) they have collected with all the places they’ve been to. This is where they can claim and cash in rewards also. Reward system is set up on a commission model made with contracts with restaurants. (Primary stream of revenue)

Check out some prototype screenshots here!