Department: Einstein Analytics

Team: Einstein Readiness

Though hired as a software engineer, I expressed my interest in product management to my manager who fortunately allowed me to increase my bandwidth and take on two project for the summer. My software project was focused on Jira ticket automation for the E2E Readiness team, and my PM project was focused on designing a visualization framework for Einstein performance tools.

Product Management (Project #1)

  • Created user stories, requirements, & wireframes to implement a Test automation visualization tool for developers to understand results of perf tests
  • Talked to QA analysts/managers in the Einstein department to understand stakeholder pain points in regards to Perf test analysis and wrote up product specs based on that feedback
  • Developed prototype for a visualization framework using JavaScript & Django
  • Wrote documentation for the workflow to build an Einstein Prediction Model on the Lightning UI platform

Software Engineering (Project #2)

  • Wroted and implementing product specs to trigger automated Jira user stories to cut response time of E2E build failures
  • Automized creation & assignment of Jira tickets to product owners based on Team City job failures using GUS API

Was able to present both project at the end of internship to the entire Einstein department!