Intern Corner

During my internship at Cisco, the HR team offered a summer long competition for all interns to participate. The challenge was to "Better the experience of a Cisco intern".

Two other interns and I participated and ended up winning first place in the global competition (got some Bose headphones and iWatch as a gift 😎). However, the HR executives and intern program leads loved the product so much, we continued to work as part time contractors after the internship to help integrate the tool so the next batch of interns could use it!

Here's what we built:

  • Built a website that allows Cisco interns to engage with each other and check in with personal updates and headlines
  • Provided analytics for HR that provide average feelings/reactions of intern work and culture from each department
  • Created an intern directory that can be filtered by colleges, ages, departments, etc. to promote cross-culture networking

Can't show a demo because it is Cisco property ☹️